At Innovations, our name has always been our mantra. From the very start, we set out to break new ground in our industry, creating wallcovering and textiles that would surprise and excite the design community. 

"A lot of people think small," says company founder Rudy Mayer, but when he launched Innovations in 1975, he was thinking big. "I was looking for ways to be creative and I wanted to put out product that no one else had. That's why I chose the name Innovations. And we try to live up to the name every single day." 

For more than 35 years Innovations has been an industry leader, continually developing new products to satisfy the creative needs of designers as well as the practical needs of our end users. From the runaway sales of the revolutionary Alchemy, to our pioneering Innvironments line of Eco-friendly products, Innovations has made its mark by remaining true to Mayer's conviction that design integrity is as important as profit margins. Perhaps that's why, in 2010, we were able to introduce the largest group of new products in the company's history. 

"We try to be keenly aware of industry trends, so that we can adapt to changes in the marketplace," Mayer noted. "But regardless of the marketing story behind a product, if the design isn't appealing, it won't be successful. I always ask my team, what are we doing that's truly innovative, and what are we doing that we can be proud of? Because we've got to be able to stand behind our products." 

And we believe that is the secret to our success. We can stand behind our products because they are made with the highest manufacturing standards, using top of the line materials, at the cutting edge of contemporary design. Innovations - our name speaks for itself.

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