More than 35 years ago Mimi London was inspired to develop the unique idea of making furniture from logs and tree trunks. An instant hit with innovators such as Michael Taylor, a California based revolution in design was born. Now celebrated designers in their own right, the company developed the idea to fulfill the specific needs of a quickly broadening clientele.

Today, the ML atelier-like LA showroom, in concert with an AD100 design firm, London Boone, serves as a lab for an ever-evolving line of furniture, fabrics, and accessories. Known for a unique, organically-inspired approach to luxury, the ML pieces are as environmentally responsible as they are beautiful. The unique designs, techniques and materials continue to define this collection. Each piece is hand-made to order in the production facilities in Los Angeles. Custom requests are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Our commitment to the highest level of quality in both design and craftsmanship makes each piece distinctive. FOB LA.

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